Who We Are

GBLA is a non profit organization that promotes and advises young men and women interested in continuing their athletic and academic development in high schools, prep academies, junior colleges and universities in the United States. We partner with educational institutions in the USA that are familiar with working with international students from all over the world. They are committed to insuring that student athletes have more then just an athletic experience but an experience that changes their lives. We largely focus on basketball although we’ve placed students in American football and soccer as well.

Our Vision

GBLA scouts players and organizations that shared our vision and values, just like we interview and prepare students we take the time to know the organizations that we send students to, to insure all have a great experience. We cooperate with 100’s of educational institutions throughout the United States. Our schools have a firm grasps on all the necessary requirements to meet NCAA academic eligibility standards. That includes preparing for college entrance exams such as the SAT and the ACT. They will also provide you with the necessary guidance to get through the NCAA clearinghouse so that students are prepared to participate in collegiate sports.

GBLA founder Isiah Anderson has a long history and a large number of students from all over the world that every year successfully earn full and partial scholarships to attend American schools. During the year GLBA host scouting events (Camps/Clinics) in partnering schools and host countries, spreading the love of the game, learning different cultures and most importantly building lifelong relationships


If you are student looking for an Athletic Scholarships - we present your academic and athletic abilities to coaches in the USA. It’s important that you have all your paperwork to include academic records, birth certificate, your countries passport, and video displaying your skills.

If you are a coach looking for players we assess whether you are prepared to give students the best possible experience. Are you offering scholarship opportunities or are you looking for international students that can pay tuition? What part of the world would you like to get students from? What's your programs culture? Are you interested in international tours for your team? Would you like to be a presenter at one of our camps across the globe? What does your full scholarship include?

How it Works

- Introductory conversation, which all the details of the entire process are discussed, all questions answered and all possible scenarios discussed.

- Review student records and game videos, if you are a school partner we review your school websites and assess your ability to host international students. We gather any promotional material for prospective students are their families.

- Once all material is prepared the video material and given it to us. We evaluate your quality, the level on which you could compete in the USA and also the expected amount of the scholarship i.e. the sum of money that you will need if we estimate that you will not get the full scholarship. All these assessments are approximate, they are carried out based on long years ofexperience and they are not always completely correct. We reach the decision about your enrollment into our program. The decision can be positive or negative, meaning you can be either accepted or declined. Similarly with schools if we don't feel after our review that you are a good match we have honest conversation about partnering.

- Based on our evaluation of your qualities, chances and expected costs, you make a final^jl decision on whether to officially become a part of our program.

- We sign an agreement of service and we begin to work together.