GBLA Post Graduate Basketball Program


A Post High School Program for the Elite Basketball Player

Through skills training, nutrition and conditioning, a highly competitive game schedule, character development, and an increase in academic proficiency, the mission of HGI Academy is to prepare the post high school student-athlete to excel on and off the court, in the collegiate classroom, and throughout life.

How Global Basketball Leadership Academy (GBLA) Helps Post-Graduates Seeking College Placement

The purpose of GBLA's prep school program is to provide a bridge between high school and college, affording students with the opportunity to mature physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. We expect our student-athletes to not only gain more in-depth knowledge of the game of basketball, but to develop strong internal values; therefore, setting themselves above others vying for the same athletic scholarship.

The emphasis at GBLA is on excellence; we teach, model, and demand a superior work ethic in all aspects of the program. Our goal is that our students will bring honor and respect to their families, teammates, school, and themselves through diligence, hard work, dedication and exemplary character. As a result of our superior basketball and character building program, our students become very attractive prospects to college coaches searching for that high character, skilled player to award a scholarship to.

College recruiting can be a highly pressured and often confusing situation for student-athletes and their families. At GBLA, we remove the angst by becoming the liaison between the college coaches and the student-athlete. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many D1 coaches who respect our program’s philosophy, our commitment to the student-athlete and the family, and the quality of our graduates. We schedule unofficial and official college visits, exposing our student-athletes to the variety of options available to them. We meet regularly with each family to discuss the attributes of each college, setting our sights on the ultimate goal for the student-athlete: to receive a full college scholarship.


Orientation focuses on the ‘whole student-athlete’ approach, gathering data to develop an extensive composite of each individual. Once completed, the instructional and coaching staff have a blueprint from which they outline the specific goals and objectives for every student-athlete.

  • A student-athlete and family ‘meet and greet’ reception with all GBLA staff jump starts the prep year.
  • Students take the Accuplacer, a test that assesses current reading, writing, math, and computer skills. This computer-generated test ascertains core academic strengths and weaknesses, and provides data to develop an academic enhancement plan. The goal of this plan is to better prepare the student for success in college level courses. Students whose academic profiles indicate they are prepared for the rigors of college-level content are eligible to enroll in courses at our area community college.
  • The Jung-Myers Briggs Personality Typology Test is administered to each student, providing a reference for increasing understanding and communication between staff and the student-athlete, and assisting the student-athlete as he or she relates to others in daily life.
  • Student-athletes take an interest inventory assessment to assist in developing a career path. Based on the results of the inventory, the Advisor suggests agencies or organizations where the student-athlete may complete the program’s 40 hour Service Project requirement.
  • The Advisor assists the student-athlete schedule in scheduling two SAT/ACT testing dates, one in November and the other in February.
  • The student-athlete meets with the Dietician to discuss medical and diet history, weight, and physical measurements. When necessary, a personalized meal plan may be devised and realistic weight goals may be determined.
  • The coaches schedule speed and agility, strength and conditioning, and basketball skills tests for the student-athlete.
  • Each student-athlete can meet with a youth pastor or counselor to determine the need or desire for GBLAritual or life issues guidance.
  • Student-athletes attend group sessions to discuss:
    • Trenches, a comprehensive basketball life skills program.
    • Program Expectations (behavior and other rules)
    • Creating a Leadership Development Plan
    • Recruiting