The Global Basketball Leadership Academy

Drive through any urban community and the one thing you can be guaranteed of seeing: hoops; blacktop; graffiti on the walls;rap music playing loudly; and young people participating in the game they love. You will find this scene in Serbia, in Nigeria, in Canada, in the Philippines, in the United States, in any global community. Basketball is a universal game with a language that has the potential to connect youth, no matter their educational background, ethnicity, or gender.

To combat the loss of youth to gangs, terroristic groups, and human trafficking, Isiah Anderson has developed the The Global Basketball Leadership Academy. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for young people to play the game they love; to develop leadership skills; and to connect with each other on a level that is devoid of negative influences and global barriers.

The moniker for The Global Basketball Leadership Academy is: Let’s Play Let’s Lead, Let’s Connect. Young people love to play the game of basketball, no matter their skill level or their future aGBLArations. The Academy provides an inclusive journey, teaching youth to play the game the right way. Included is the opportunity to develop leadership skills through our life skills program called Trenches that can be utilized both on and off the court, encouraging youth to become leaders in their families, communities, and countries.

Another aspect is modeling to youth how to connect with each other, not just communicate. Connecting inGBLAres youth to expand their thoughts and ideas, to respect each other’s personhood and culture, and to embrace the concept that the world is much smaller than they ever envisioned.

The Global Basketball Leadership Ambassadors

For over 20 years, Isiah Anderson has had the opportunity to coach and mentor youth, utilizing the game of basketball as an avenue to change lives. Many of his players have gone on to enjoy long professional careers and have acquired a plethora of basketball and life experiences. Some of these players are now heading into retirement and have the opportunity to give back to their communities by becoming ambassadors for The Global Basketball Leadership Academy. Under Mr. Anderson’s tutelage, they will host global events and tournaments, based on the principles of Let’s Play Let’s Lead Let’s Connect.

Rade Dzambic is the director of GBLA winter program. He's played prep school and college basketball in the US, winning a prep school national championship while playing for Anderson's Crispus Attucks team in 2000. Since then, Rade has played professional basketball in Europe for several teams over the last decade. His most recent retirement has motivated him to stay in the game of basketball by teaching and training the next generation of players.

We are looking for players from all over the globe that would be interested in coming to play and train in our winter to spring session. Players would participate in daily basketball and strength training while being exposed to US college basketball programs.

Winter Semester Dates

January 7th to April 25th

Cost $8000

15 -20 game schedule

Room and board

College exposure

Leadership & Life Skill Training

College Test Preparation (if requested)

5 hours of daily skills and basketball training.

Cultural Trip to Washington DC

GBLA is a partnering program of the Global Basketball Leadership Academy